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Super Easy Sitz Bath, Durable, Foldable, Comfortable For Postpartum Care


Effortless comfort and reduces irritation using the sitz bath does not cure your condition, but it has many benefits, including speeding up the healing process by increasing blood flow, reducing irritation and discomfort.

This toilet basin is used by placing it on a sitting toilet. For those of you who experience hemorrhoids or are in the process of healing wounds in the genital area after giving birth, you can use this simple sitz bath.



: Sitz Bath Tub X1, flusher X1


: pink, green




: Non-toxic, Odorless, High temperature resistant.

Extended Size

: 15.3 X 13.8 X 5inch.


Having the surgery is a very uncomfortable experience and at times, it difficulty urinating because pelvic floor muscles are so tight and irritated from the surgery. That whole area is connected so the tissues in this region are inflamed. 

Super Easy Sitz Bath, designed with simplicity and durability in mind. Specifically crafted for postpartum care, this foldable wonder offers a soothing solution to ease discomfort.

The material used by this tool is plastic which is safe for the skin so you can do sitz baths regularly. Apart from that, this material is also easy to clean. Apart from that, there is also silicone material in the middle which makes the sitz bath can be folded or opened easily.

Comfortable and Relaxing Experience, men or women are suitable to use this sitz bath and its suitable for universal type wide, fits all standard toilets or any toilets v shaped, square, round, and bracket toilet. This suitable for pregnant women, hemorrhoids patients, postoperat patients and other people who could not squat.

The non-slip design at the bottom is safer for pregnant women and the elderly, and is a daily healthy and clean companion. The design is smooth and inclined, so that the sitting position is comfortable.

Foldable Design save more space and easy to store up to 5x depth, This toilet basin is foldable so it won't take up space when stored and can be hung. This design also makes it easier for you to carry this tool when traveling. It adds anti-overflow holes, hanging holes and foldable design, easy to clean and store. Collapsible Design for easy storage (fold and store in seconds) and easy to hang dry (prevent mold and bacterial growth).

Overflow hole design and Convenient to drain water, the sitz bath is actually quite deep. The depth is attained by placing the empty bath over the toilet bowl and pressing down on the bottom of it. It will then expand vertically downwards, then snap into place, creating a deep bowl which holds just over two liters of water. The holes makes it easy to drain and it comes with a hook you can attach to the side of a vanity or something like that to hang it so it can dry when not in use.

Quality Material, the sitz bath is made of High polymer PP + TPR material, non-toxic, odorless. Environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, no irritation or damage to the skin, avoiding secondary injuries caused by wound infection, and quickly promoting wound healing.

High temperature resistant, solid and durable, professionally shaped for maximum comfort (a comfortable fit for all crowd) can withstand more than 300 pounds. Medical grade material (long lasting and incredibly durable) relieves perineal discomfort, hemorrhoids, menstrual cramps, and bladder or prostate infections. The sitz bath crafted from resilient materials, this bath is built to withstand regular use, offering a reliable and sturdy solution for your postpartum care routine. The durability ensures that the Sitz Bath remains a trusted companion throughout your recovery process. Warm tip, it is recommended to wash with warm water of about 40 , and pregnant women can use it after the boiled water cools to about 40 .

Prioritize your comfort and well-being with the Super Easy Sitz Bath. For those navigating the postpartum journey, the Super Easy Sitz Bath stands out as a reliable and comforting solution. With its effortless design, durability, foldable convenience, and focus on comfort.

Once you’re done, empty the water, rinse/dry the Bath, turn it upside down on the counter top and press down on the bowl to flatten it. This versatility makes it easy to store as well as to travel with, especially to the tropics when water can slow to a trickle in dry season. When flattened, it would fit easily into a suitcase or backpack and has little green pads on the underside of the rim to keep it from sliding back and forth when you’re sitting on it. 

This sitz can help to recovery recommended it to anyone who had the surgery or might even be going through postpartum healing.

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Super Easy Sitz Bath, Durable, Foldable, Comfortable For Postpartum Care