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Smart Video Doorbell Standalone, Day and night HD video, Two-way audio, easy to set up, motion and chime app alerts, weather resistant, wired or wire free


Reinvent your home security with the Smart Video Doorbell, a standalone solution designed to provide a comprehensive surveillance experience. Boasting two-way audio, day and night HD video, motion and chime app alerts, and effortless setup, this weather-resistant device ensures your peace of mind.

Home is in your hands, wether you’re working walking the dog or busy making memories – video doorbell lets you see who’s at your door with helpful features. So answer your door no matter where you are from your smartphone and never miss a moment. No matter where you are, easily store an unlimited number of events including high-definition motion clips, night and day video, two-way audio, Long Lasting Battery Life and live view recordings from your Blink smart security cameras and systems conveniently in the cloud through the Blink Home Monitor app.


Video resolution

Record and view in 1080p HD video during the day and with infrared HD night vision after dark.

Photo resolution

View captured images in 640 x 360 n HD

Camera frame rate

Up to 30 fps


130 x 42 x 34 mm


91 grams


Blink Video Doorbell Power: 2 AA 1.5V lithium metal (non-rechargeable) batteries. Existing chime wiring: 16-24 VAC


Always-on high-speed internet connection (such as broadband, fiber, or DSL). Wifi network: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n.


Battery or wired

Minimum smartphone requirements

iOS 15.0, Android 9.0, or Fire 9.0

Blink app

Blink Home Monitor

Included in the box

Blink Video Doorbell, 2 1.5V non-rechargeable AA lithium metal batteries, and mounting kit.


Speaker output and 2-way audio recording.


1 LED ring to help you know when it’s active (optional). Flashes in blue, red, and green

Operating temperature

-4 to 113° F


Sync Module, Sync Module 2, compatible Fire and Echo devices.

Product superiority:


Designed for every home, go wire-free or connect to doorbell wiring to also sound your existing in-home chime. Set up yourself in minutes with the two included AA lithium batteries then connect to Wifi in the app. If you are looking to set it up with just batteries and no wiring to an existing doorbell system, setup is a breeze (will take two minutes). If you are looking to hard wire it, it is still pretty easy.

Effortless Setup for Immediate Use, Designed with user convenience in mind, the Smart Video Doorbell is easy to set up, allowing you to enhance your home security without the hassle. Whether you choose a wired or wire-free installation, the straightforward setup process ensures that you can start using your video doorbell immediately.

Installation was extremely simple. Connecting to Alexa was equally as flawless. Set up the Blink skill in Alexa and "she" immediately found all the Blink devices.

Getting started is extremely easy:

Step 1 sign in to or create an account in the blink app

Step 2 Add your devices to your account and connect to wifi

Step 3 Choose to install wire-free or wired to your existing home chime in the app and follow the instructions to complete setup.


Two-Way Audio for Seamless Communication, the Smart Video Doorbell redefines interaction with its two-way audio feature. Communicate with visitors at your doorstep from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, creating a seamless and secure line of communication. Whether you're at home or away, stay connected with those at your door with the touch of a button. It has two ways audio, meaning you will always hear the person at your door but you can also choose to speak to the person if you choose.

Day and Night HD Video Quality, clear surveillance both day and night with the smart video high definition and video capabilities whether it's identifying visitors during daylight hours or ensuring a secure entrance in low-light conditions, Video quality is pretty decent. Video Doorbell lets you personalize your experience. be alerted to what matters.

Door bell's motion and chime app alerts, receive instant notifications on your mobile device when motion is detected, allowing you to monitor and respond to events in real-time. The chime app alerts ensure you're always aware of your surroundings, providing an added layer of security.

You can turn on motion detection or just have the blink door bell turn on when the door bell is rung this is a nice feature.

If you want to catch anyone that comes to your door whether they ring the bell or not, you can simple turn this feature on in the app. If you want to save battery life and are only interested in door bell ringers you can turn motion detection off.

Weather-Resistant Design, Built to withstand various elements, this device remains operational and reliable, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance regardless of the weather, made by a seal the protects against water.  Includes 2 AA 1.5V Lithium Batteries, 4 Screws, 1 case Opening Tool.


Easy set-up, great prices, video quality is as good as any, motion sensors and other software adjustable stuff is easy to understand and do. Create customized activity so you only see the movement you care about. Plus, control all your Blink devices from one account so you can monitor your home or business at the same time. You can record, save, and share videos and clips from your Blink devices with ease.

Upgrade your home security with the Smart Video Doorbell - Created to help make your life safer and easier, a standalone solution that prioritizes seamless communication, day and night surveillance, motion alerts, and user-friendly setup. Whether you choose wired or wire-free installation, this weather-resistant device ensures your home stays secure and connected.

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Smart Video Doorbell Standalone, Day and night HD video, Two-way audio, easy to set up, motion and chime app alerts, weather resistant, wired or wire free