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Bedroom ceiling fans with lights and remote Control, very quiet, 6 speeds and Dimmable 3 LED-strip, energy efficient.


Certainly a room needs lighting. Currently, there are many choices of lamps or lights that can be used according to your needs and desires. There are so many choices in terms of shape, frame color, light level and completeness of the features offered.

And this Pretty bedroom ceiling fans is very nice. Easy to install and beautiful designed to provide comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. This ceiling fan is suitable in any scenes like bedroom, office, dining room and kitchen or other place but not meant for a spacious room. It has 6 speeds and this light is dimmable with 3 LED-strip are Positive white light, warm yellow light, warm white light.

Product information


Aluminum, Acrylic

Room Type

Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Room

Product Dimensions

15.75"L x 15.75"W x 6.5"H

Indoor/Outdoor Usage


Special Feature

LED Light

Control Method

App, Remote

Shade Material



110 Volts



Item Weight

3.31 Kilograms


30 watts


3750 Lumen

More about Product:

Fan and light, this product has 2 functions for lighting and fans that can provide coolness when used and you can enjoy the soothing breeze without any disruptive noise, allowing you to relax. It’s applicable for area 10-20 with voltage 110 V and power 30 W and Low Noise fan, high quality ABS fan blades low noise life more comfortable.

Has 3 LED-strip light color setting in soft white, cool white and daylight white Light up your room with adjustable brightness using this ceiling lights and fan.

Suitable for any rooms, ceiling fan with light brighten your life in your own home. Light your living room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Dining room. For each room the dimness level can be adjusted.

In case in your:

Set up the ceiling light to warm white light (4500K) for your living room this creates a comfortable and romantic environment, adds the modern art, elegant and classic for you and your family.

Adjust the ceiling light to white light/6000K in your kitchen this light make the cooking atmosphere is more enjoyable and can make your kitchen brighter and cooler at the same time.

Suit the ceiling light to warm yellow light/3000K and set the lowest fan speed in your bedroom to enjoy the cool wind and feel more comfortable to your eyes.

Dimmable LED Light and 6 speeds adjustable wind speed with quiet motor, the ceiling light and fan has 3 LED-strip light colors setting in soft white, cool white and daylight or warm yellow light (3000K), warm white light (4500K), white light (6000K). The fan light dimmable also adjustable wind speed, choose a comfortable for you.

Remote control works well. Adjustable fan speeds, control the dimmable LED lights, and even change the direction of the fan only used the Remote Control. This Bedroom ceiling fans with lights has 6 speeds fan and sleep timer (2H) settings make it easy to complete control over your comfort level.

Great Value, this Ceiling Fan prioritize energy efficiency by incorporating LED technology. The dimmable LED-strip lights not only provide versatile lighting options but also contribute to lower energy consumption, making them an environmentally conscious choice, and of course this is easy to install and looks wonderful by designed Crystal design and lamp body with simple and elegant. This ceiling light and fan going through Paint baking process beautiful and durable not easy to deform and diamond faced Acrylic Bright and not dazzling. No doubt can add aesthetic value to every room of the house, and it has a dimmer feature and remote control. Definitely recommend.

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Bedroom ceiling fans with lights and remote Control, very quiet, 6 speeds and Dimmable 3 LED-strip, energy efficient.